What if your child was abused?

OBF funds Children's Legal Services and Advocacy Programs


Lawyers Transforming Lives

through promotion of justice, funding of critical legal services, and advancement of knowledge of the law for all Oklahomans.


Did you know?

OBF funds Senior Law Projects and Outreach Programs


What if your child was removed from your home?

OBF funds Court Ordered Supervised Visitation and Exchange Services


How can we help future generations?

OBF funds Access to Justice Improvement Projects


What if you were being evicted from your house?

OBF funds Free Civil Legal Services for the Poor


What if your mother was a victim of abuse?

OBF funds Advocacy Services for Vulnerable Adults


What if it was your child’s time to lead?

OBF funds Law-Related Education Programs for Oklahoma School Children

Lawyers Transforming Lives through the Advancement of Education, Citizenship and Justice for All

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation (OBF) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1949 by members of the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) to accomplish law-related charitable good works statewide. Lawyers in Oklahoma are transforming lives for the better. We invite you to learn more about the OBF and to join in our important work.