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2014 OBF Grant Applications Available

April 10, 2014

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation is pleased to announce  ”2014 OBF Grant Applications” are now being accepted through Tuesday, July 1, 2014. Through its Grants Program, the OBF funds programs and projects that further its mission to champion access to the justice system, fund critical legal services and advance public awareness and better understanding of the law. [...]

ANATOMY OF THE OBF – “The Standing Committees”

March 25, 2014

By President Dietmar K. Caudle Every year the Oklahoma Bar Foundation President designates OBF Trustee and Chair persons to serve on the five perennial OBF Standing Committees.  This process somewhat parallels the way the Oklahoma Bar Association functions. The GRANTS AND AWARDS COMMITTEE has the charge of reviewing all OBF Grant Applications, making recommendations to [...]

2014 Board of Trustees

March 24, 2014

Oklahoma Bar Foundation Board of Trustees: Both the OBF and the OBA select lawyer candidates from across the state to serve on the 26 member board.  From left to right seated are Executive Director Nancy Norsworthy, Past President Susan B. Shields, OKC, President Dietmar K. Caudle, Lawton, Vice President Millie Otey, Tulsa, Secretary/Treasurer Kevin R. [...]

District Court Notice: Addendum to 2014 OBF Court Grant Application

March 19, 2014

One additional requirement has been added to the “2014 OBF Court Grant Application Packet” through the following Addendum: When courts are requesting Electronic Equipment through the OBF Court Grant Program, all Electronic Equipment requests must be approved by the Supreme Court prior to grant application submission to the OBF.  Deputy Court Administrator Mike Mayberry is [...]

Learn How OBF Decisions Are Made

March 15, 2014

All of Oklahoma’s 77 counties and many of its citizens have benefitted from OBF grants.  Your OBF has awarded more than eleven million dollars to charitable grant programs that fall within the law-related mission of the OBF.  Both the OBF and the OBA select lawyer candidates from across the state to serve on the 26 [...]

Top 5 Reasons YOU should Become an OBF Fellow

February 21, 2014

by Dietmar K. Caudle Reason Number 1 - It’s Easy! You are already a member of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation when you become licensed by the Oklahoma Bar Association.  You are not a Fellow of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation until you subscribe to be a Fellow, a Sustaining member, a Benefactor member or one of the [...]

Hurdles Your Oklahoma Bar Foundation Faces in 2014 and Beyond

January 27, 2014

by OBF President Dietmar K. Caudle The Oklahoma Bar Foundation (OBF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) founded in 1946 by lawyer members of the Oklahoma Bar Association. The OBF mission is to provide annual support for the the promotion of justice, funding of critical legal services and to provide advancement and better understanding of the law [...]

OBF Honors Two January Community Fellows

January 27, 2014

Oklahoma Bar Foundation Board of Trustees honored two more groups with the prestigious new Community Fellow award at the January 24, 2014 Board of Trustee Meeting in Oklahoma City.   The OBF Community Fellows Program is a new benevolent charitable program uniting individual lawyers with county bar associations, law firms, sections of the OBA, banks, [...]

Oklahoma Bar Foundation Honors Two

December 12, 2013

OBF honors the OBA Family Law Section and The Garrett Law Center of Tulsa as the first OBF Community Fellows. The new benevolent program unites county bar associations, law firms, sections of the OBA, banks, corporations and other organizations with individual attorneys in support of a common cause.

2013 End Year President’s Message – Susan B. Shields

December 6, 2013

Dear Oklahoma Bar Foundation Fellows, Community Fellows and Friends: The holiday season is a time of celebration, reflection and appreciation of our many gifts of family, friends, clients, colleagues and for our legal profession.  As I reflect on my year as president of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation, one word comes to mind:  gratitude.  I am [...]